Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django

Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
Developer Konami
Publisher Konami
Platform Game Boy Advance
Release date(s) JP: July 22, 2004
NA: October 19, 2004
EU: June 10, 2005
Ratings T
Players 1-4
Compatible With Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
Megaman Battle Network 5
Lunar Knights
Preceeded By Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand
Succeeded By Boktai 3: Sabata's Counterattack

Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django (known as Zoku Bokura no Taiyō Taiyō Shōnen Jango), or simply Zoktai, is the second game in the Boktai series. The solar sensor makes its return in this game as sunlight is also required for this game. A few changes to gameplay have been added, some old aspects have been removed, and some have been brought forward. As the game title suggests, Solar Boy Django is once again the main character of the game. The game only has one available save file.


[edit] Gameplay Changes

As mentioned there have been a few changes to gameplay this time round.

[edit] Weapons

As the solar gun (Gun del Sol) has been stolen by a mysterious vampire, new weapons have had to be added. There are 3 classes of weapon; sword, spear and mace. The fist is also useable, although this is the weakest of the useable weapons. The sword is the quickest weapon, the spear has the most range, and the hammer is the strongest weapon. There are a number of guns that are available nearer to the end of the game, and they are ultimately the strongest weapons in the game.

[edit] Protectors

Throughout the game, you obtain many different types of armors, called protectors, to aid you in your journey. Most are obtainable through chests in dungeons, but others can only be obtained through fulfilling certain requirements. Each protector is unique, in that they all have varying qualities, stats, special abilities, and physical appearances.

[edit] Sol de Vice

In an interesting twist to the story, the solar boy can now use magic with the help of the Sol de Vice. Magic is seperated into 3 categories; lunar magic, sol magic, and dark magic.

[edit] Lunar

Lunar magic is [majorly] the use of elements. When the player uses lunar magic - flame, for example - the weapon the player is using gains that element. This process is called enchantment. Lunar magic works for every weapon except the fist and guns.

There are two other lunar enchantments; Rising sun and transform. Rising sun works just like a rising sun grenade from the first game in that it summons a 'sun piece', automatically giving you 4 bars on your solar gauge (in addition to the sunlight already striking the sensor). The second enchantment, transform, allows you to switch between Red Django and Black Django.

[edit] Solar

Solar magic is slightly more complex to use. For starters, the effect and strength of the magic is determined by the solar power striking the sensor. The higher the strength of the sun, the more effective these enchantments will be. Some solar magic, like dynamite, cannot be used under a certain level of sunlight (in this case, 3 bars of sunlight). Nonetheless, solar magic is very effective and [in some cases] essential to use.

[edit] Dark

Dark magic is an interesting set of magic as it can only be used while Django is in his vampire form. There are 4 enchantments to use with dark magic; change wolf, change bat, change coffin and change rat. Change wolf allows you to charge at an enemy and, aswell as depleting their health, increase the player's health. Change bat allows you to reach some inaccessible areas (namely in dark castle) and also has the remarkable ability to see some things you wouldn't in other forms (without a see-all nut). Change coffin allows you to rest in your coffin. This is interesting to get the hang of as you need to balance which coffin is best for you to rest in and which coffin is best to purify the immortal in. The last enchantment, change rat, is basically the same as change bat as it allows you to access some inaccessible areas, without the use of an item.

[edit] Piledriver

The infamous Piledriver has returned but now with a difference. Since the solar gun has been stolen (and downgraded so there is no spread capability), a new method to purification has been introduced. First, with the enabling of lunar magic, the player must strike each solar generator with a weapon powered by sol. Each immortal has a different ability to escape the Piledriver, many of which involve damaging you. Again, solar power is needed to use the Piledriver.

[edit] Storyline

The game takes place in San Miguel, Django's home town. As Django arrives he is confronted by a mysterious vampire who steals the Gun del Sol (Solar Gun) and somehow uses it on Django. Unarmed, he makes his way through the dungeon and is greeted by Zazie the Sunflower girl. She bestows upon him the Sol de Vice (Solar Glove), which gives Django the ability to enchant ordinary weapons, like a sword, with the power of the sun.

He arrives at what is left of San Miguel. Upon arriving he finds out that the vampire who stole the Gun Del Sol has been through here. He hears that Smith, the town blacksmith, is missing. He decides to go find Smith in hope of finding out something about the vampire. He is told by Zazie that she saw Smith head towards the cathedral. Django decides that was the best place to start looking for him. The story evolves from here into something much larger.

Towards the end of the game, Django will regain his Solar Gun; however, it will be greatly damaged due to the use of it by the vampire otherwise known as Ringo. Although the character known as Smith will repair it, it is unable to be restored to its original functionality.

If the player chooses to continue their game after beating the game, he or she will start off from where the game was last saved, rather than how the continue function worked in Boktai 1, where the player needed to restart the game. There are four different endings that are somewhat the same, other than the characters who are talking with Django, who basically talk about dark and light needing to be together in order for both to co-exist, and who, exactly, helped Django during the final battle. The characters include Earthly Maiden Lita, Dark Boy Sabata, the librarian named Lady, and the Smith's granddaughter named Violet (Sumire in Japan).

The way you get each ending is dependent on the number of times you have defeated the final boss, the Doomsday Beast Jormungandr. When you defeat him the first time, you are talking with Zazie. After Jormungandr's first defeat, you cannot fight him again until you have completed the Megaman (Rockman) sidequest with Shademan. When that's completed and you defeat Jormungandr again, you will be talking with Violet. When you defeat Jormungandr a third time, you talk with Sabata. Defeat Jormungandr again, and you'll end up talking with Lady. One last time, and you'll talk with Lita. The cycle then repeats itself when defeating Jormungandr.

There are a total of two bad endings, like there was in Boktai 1 if you failed to collect sunlight to revive Otenko. The first bad ending is in the Spiral Tower while Django and Sabata are talking to Black Dainn. Dainn will tell Django to become their "Dark Sun," and a choice will be appear reading “Join Black Dainn” or “Refuse!!” Choosing to “Join Black Dainn” will result in a short cut scene and then the credits. The second bad ending takes place after fighting the Ancestor Piece Jormungandr. If you fail to solar charge enough energy within the ten second time limit, Jormungandr will swallow Django and you'll have failed to seal the Doomsday Beast.

When near to the end of the main game, the player will have access to Dream Avenue. Dream Avenue is an optional dungeon which is similar to the Azure Sky Tower in Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand. The player can gain a number of special items here, including photos and protectors.

[edit] Characters

There are a number of new characters added in this installment of the series. Kid, who runs the potion/armour shop, is met at a certain point in that game. Lady runs the library, serves as a guild master, and is also a tarot master. Cheyenne the Wind Warrior runs the weapon shop once you meet and defeat him. A grim man runs a coffin shop with many specialty coffins. Also, Solid Snake (from Konami's Metal Gear series) makes a cameo as ???.

Older characters such as Master Otenko, Sabata, and Lita (who happens to run the item shop) return as well. However, Lita's function has changed somewhat; in addition to tending the solar tree, she now sells fruit, eliminating the need to grow them like in the first game. Her prices depend on how much solar energy was collected the previous day.

[edit] Playable Characters

[edit] Solar Boy: Red Django

Red Django is Django's normal form. In Red form, he can use Luna and Sol magic. Luna magic makes use of elements Flame, Frost, Cloud and Earth. The element used in your magic is then infused into your weapon. Sol magic requires the solar gauge to be at a certain level before it can be used. Sol Magic includes Freeze (stops an enemy), Dash, Healing (to grow plants), and Dynamite.

Combat wise, Red Django is Sol Element. He swings slower then his Vampire form, but has more magic available to him.

Red Django can be played in multiplayer right from the beginning.

[edit] Vampire Boy: Black Django

In this installment, Django gains a number of new abilities after he is bitten by a vampire. Among them is the ability to transform into Black Django. In this form, Django's skin is blue, his clothes are darker, and his scarf is given the appearance of wings. His headband is pulled halfway over his face, giving it the appearance of a mask.

Black Django also gains the ability to shape shift into a bat, mouse, or werewolf. As a bat or mouse, he has greater accessibility to new areas due to his smaller size. In his werewolf form, he bites into any enemy with their back turned to him to restore his health. He can also sleep in a coffin to restore solar energy. This form is the only one capable of using any Change magic or the Dark Enchant magic.

Eating any Solar Fruit as Black Django gives him a Stomach Ache (which causes your screen to become blurry when moving). He also can't go outside while it's raining or when the solar gauge picks up sunlight, as it will burn Django (you may use the Rain Coat or Sunscreen, respectively, to prevent damage). Using the Gun Del Sol also causes similar damage.

Combat-wise, Black Django is Dark element. He wields weapons much more quickly than he does as Red Django. When used, his weapons will also emit a small shock wave, giving him a greater range as well. After the defeat of a certain number of enemies, Black Django will shake visibly and give a small grunt. If hurt after this, he will attack everything on the screen in a fit of rage, hurting himself but inflicting everything else with a similar amount of damage.

Black Django is playable in Multiplayer after you purify the second Immortal.

[edit] Dark Boy: Sabata

During two parts of the game, you gain control of Django's dark brother, Sabata. He only has one weapon and armor: Gun del Hell, which fires shots or can be charged for a Spinning Spread; and Mail of Luna, which makes him resistant to all elements. Sabata also does a Darkness Charge (gaining energy out of darkness) instead of a Solar Charge. Sunlight causes him damage when exposed to it, which can be prevented with Sunscreen. He has two unique Dark Magic abilities: Zero Shift, which instantaneously moves him, and Black Sun, which completely blocks out the solar sensor.

Gameplay wise, Sabata is Dark element.

Sabata is playable in multiplayer after you clear the Spiral Tower dungeon.

[edit] Purchase

It is currently unknown whether or not this game is still being produced, although it IS known that this game was more popular than Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand, so it is possible that there are more copies of Boktai 2 than its predecessor. You MAY be lucky enough to find this game on shelves of local game stores. If not, you may find it in bargain bins and eBay/Amazon/etc. It is easier to find this game anywhere else than Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand, and shouldn't be that hard to find for a good price.

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