Black Django

Vampire Boy: Black Django
Black Django with a sword of darkness, with a more sinister appearance
Full Name Django
Element(s) Sol / Dark / Luna
Weapons Gun del Sol, swords, maces, spears, gun(s), fist
Hometown San Miguel
First Appearance Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django

[edit] Vampire Boy: Black Django

In Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django, Django gains a number of new abilities after he is bitten by a vampire. Among them is the ability to transform into Black Django. In this form, Django's skin is blue, his clothes are darker, and his scarf is given the appearance of wings. His headband is pulled halfway over his face, giving it the appearance of a mask.

Black Django also gains the ability to shape shift into a bat, mouse, or werewolf. As a bat or mouse, he has greater accessibility to new areas due to his smaller size. In his werewolf form, he bites into any enemy with their back turned to him to restore his health. He can also sleep in a coffin to restore solar energy. This form is the only one capable of using any Change magic or the Dark Enchant magic.

Eating any Solar Fruit as Black Django gives him a Stomach Ache (which causes your screen to become blurry when moving). He also can't go outside while it's raining or when the solar gauge picks up sunlight, as it will burn Django (you may use the Rain Coat, the Toadman Protector or Sunscreen to prevent damage). Using the Gun del Sol also causes similar damage.

Combat-wise, Black Django is Dark element. He wields weapons much more quickly than he does as Red Django. When used, his weapons will also emit a small shock wave, giving him a greater range as well.

Black Django is playable in Multiplayer after you purify the second Immortal.

Japanese poster showing Black Django.

[edit] Berserk Attack

Ever noticed that Black Django loses half of his health after that cool move where he flies around the screen? Well here's the answer! This is Black Django's infamous 'berserk' attack. When you hit enemies enough times, Django will shake a little and make a brief noise. If you're hit soon after this, he'll go berserk and damage everything on the screen quite a bit. The downside is you lose half your health in addition to whatever damage the hit did.

This attack cannot be used in Multiplayer mode.

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