Guild Gunslinger Bea
Bea as she appears in the cutscene with Rymer
Full Name Bea
Element(s) Sol
Weapons Witch
Hometown Old Culiacan
First Appearance Lunar Knights

Bea is a very powerful and skilled gunslinger from the Gunslinger Guild. She is one of the top gunslingers in the guild along with Ernest and Kay, and almost in the same league as Aaron. It is said that the 3 together cannot lose a fight, even against a vampire. She wields the solar gun Witch.

She appears first in the Hunting Mansion dungeon where she's in a bit of a pickle; she can't get past some wooden crates. Lucian breaks the crates for her since they are headed in the same direction. While Lucian's objective was to defeat Rymer, Bea intended to free the gunslingers and civillians that Rymer had captured.

When Ernest and Kay are fighting the Poes, Bea arrives in town to provide back-up for them (although unfortunately, Ernest and Kay had already been captured).

Bea later provides back-up in the final dungeon - Planet Eater Byron - when Lucian and Aaron are stuck in a trap.

Bea concept art
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