Baron Stoker

Baron Stoker
Baron, in a fight against Lucian
Full Name Baron Stoker
Element(s) Frost
Weapons Claws, Missiles, Body
Location Armed Train Irving
Clan Dark Tribe
First Appearance Lunar Knights
Baron Stoker in his Final Form
Baron Stoker, the crazed alchemist of the Dark Tribe, implements Dark and Frost elements in addition to Sol, due to the capture of Ernest, into his casket armor. Stoker uses a wide variety of attacks, which also vary as his health reaches certain increments. He mainly uses his giant crab-like arms as a shield, protecting his inner body from damage. Arms aside, his body launches Frost-element missiles that seek out the enemy, and freeze on contact. He also uses a full-on body rush after launching the missiles, which can devastate any enemies in his way. To defeat him, depending on which arm is up (he alternates,) you must attack with its weakness (i.e. if he's using Dark, whip out a Sol weapon, and vice versa) to throw off his guard. Once done, you have a clear shot at his torso until he recollects himself. Once he is vanquished and purified, you obtain Ezra.

His name, "Stoker", is derived from the writer "Bram Stoker" who is best known as the author of the book "Dracula".

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