Azure Sky Tower

Azure Sky Tower
The Azure Sky Tower
Name Azure Sky Tower
Type Limitless Dungeon
Inhabitants Undead, Silvery White Knight
First Appearance Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand

The first Limitless Dungeon created thus far in the Boktai series, this one is the most unique. To actually complete this dungeon, you must obtain all Emblems, which you use to literally build up the tower. Each floor is, of course completely random as are all enemies and treasure chests. One consistency though, is that every 4 floors, you fight an Undead boss, being either Sword, Axe, Armor, or Kraken. As is customary to every Limitless, you cannot save while in there, so make sure you come prepared. Save before entering and give it your best shot! Enemies contain keys to provide advancement to the next floor.. and you must hunt them down. Once obtaining all the emblems, you can then challenge the Silvery White Knight.

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