Apprentice Gunslinger: Aaron
Aaron + Toasty.png
Aaron with his terrenial, Toasty
Full Name Aaron
Element(s) Sol
Weapons Knight, Witch, Ninja, Dragoon, Bomber
Hometown Old Culiacan
First Appearance Lunar Knights

Aaron (also known as Django in the Japanese release) is one of the two protagonists in Lunar Knights. He wields a wide variety of Solar Guns as an Apprentice Gunslinger, and with the help of his Terrenial Toasty/Otenko, he uses them quite effectively. He has the power of sol at his disposal, the strength of which some say no one with a corrupt heart could even begin to harness.

Aaron doesn't realize that he has the limitless power of the Sun (Sol) as he believes he is just an Apprentice Gunslinger but he wishes he was much more. He unlocks his power and his Terrenial by doing a noble deed and saving a young girl's life (Lisbeth), he does this by finally believing in himself and wishing that he could do good! This sets him on the track of becoming a true Solar Child. It is discovered that Aaron's father is in fact Trinity from Boktai 3. This may explain why he (in the original Japanese release) is named Django; possibly out of Trinity's respect and admiration for [the original [Django]] in Boktai.

Aaron prepares for a kill.
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