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Bio/Role in Megaman Series (Taken from the Megeman NeoWiki)

MegaMan is the Navi that you can control in the games. He is operated by Lan, a sixth grader living in ACDC Town. MegaMan is actually Lan's twin, but died at birth. Lan's father kept MegaMan's DNA, and the invented the PET for MegaMan. This started all of the Navis, and battling between them (fun, competitive, or life/death). MegaMan has had to save the world many times (with Lan), and has been tempted by the Dark Chips in Battle Network 4, 5, and 6.

MegaMan has a darkside, that Nebula has tried to unleash numerous times, and has been successful. MegaMan can withstand it though, and always comes to. He beats numerous enemies, friend, and others in the games.

He is known as Rockman in some parts of the world.

Bio/Role in Boktai 2

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