The Skeleton, as defined by the Boktai 3 Library.
Name Skeleton
Element(s) Null
Description Attacks with bare hands.
Dropped Items Power Nut, Chain Mail
Rarity Common
First Appearance Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django

Since the beginning of Boktai, the Skeleton is probably the most common enemy to date. There are a few variations to the Skeleton, all menacing in their own way. Note, that all Skeletons bear one similarity: They can only be truly killed by a Sol elemental attack. Otherwise, the head will reform a body after some time.

[edit] Skeleton Fencer

The Skeleton Fencer.

The Skeleton Fencer is a bit different from the original, in that it carries a rapier. The Skeleton Fencer is faster, stronger, and attacks more vigorously. When swung at, it will sometimes jump back and lung with its weapon. It also has a combo slash/slice attack that can be quite annoying.

[edit] Skeleton Archer

Skeleton Archer, as seen in Boktai 3.

The little bugger is even more evolved than its predecessors, being that it carries a bow. This guy not only shoots arrows at you, but will swing his bow when you come in close. Doing this though, his bow is destroyed, leaving you with just a plain Skeleton. Not much variation to his health/stats, just kill him off with a couple SOL attacks.

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