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Django is the main character of the Boktai series and the 'Solar Boy'. He wields Gun del Sol (literally 'Gun of the Sun'), and is accompanied by Otenko. He is the son of the vampire hunter Ringo (who is not seen until the second game) and the moon beauty Mani. Django's home town is the city of the sun, San Miguel. Django is generally silent, but he does speak on some rare accessions.

During the first game, Django is first seen hunting the Count of Groundsoaking Blood, allegedly the vampire who killed his father. While he succeeded in defeating the Count, he learns that the Count is just one of the many enemies, the Immortals. Later in the first game, he meets Sabata, who looks almost exactly like a dark version of him. It is later revealed that Django and Sabata are brothers.

During the course of the second game, Django temporarily has his Gun Del Sol stolen by an unknown vampire, who, for some reason, was able to use the Solar Gun to attack Django (Otenko states that supposedly, only a Solar Child can use the Gun Del Sol). Later in the game, Django and Sabata manage to catch up with the vampire inside the Remains on the outskirts of San Miguel. The vampire turned out to be Ringo, their father. Due to his mindset being that of a vampire, Ringo bites Django. Sabata decided to try and purify Django with the Piledriver before his brother turns into a vampire completely. Sabata's efforts are only half successful; Django loses his Sol powers and becomes a dark vampire but still retains his own mind. All hope was not lost, as he was able to regain his Sol powers with the help of the San Miguel townspeople. Django later learned that the Immortals in San Miguel were trying to awaken the Ancestor Piece, Jormungandr, to destroy the world. Django defeats the Immortals, but Jormungandr broke free from its binding spell. With the help of all the citizens of San Miguel, Django was able to rebind Jormungandr.

During the course of the third game, Django tries to stop Sabata from releasing the Beast of Destruction, Vanaargand.

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